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Hello, and welcome to My Website Experience. This website was designed to show
multiple areas of a website. This website shows the possibilities on a website,
and a computer. As you can see, there is a person in the useful links on the left.
That is the main character in the JavaScript game, Catch Me If You Can, that was
designed for this website. Go ahead, click on him. Test how many people you can
tag in 30 seconds, or even go for a high score (no cheating!). I hope you enjoy My
Website Experience.

Bastion Images

This image was first drawn by hand, then was photographed and emailed to an account.
It was then drawn on Painter, a digital drawing program. Multiple tools were used to
create this image, including paintbrush, airbrush, and blend tools. These tools were used
to add shading and depth to the character. Different techniques of shading added a look of
metal and a glow in his eye. The character, an Omnic, which is a robot from the future,
portrayed in the image is Bastion, from the video game Overwatch. Bastion was a machine
with one sole purpose, to control Earth with his fellow Bastion units. When he becomes
self-aware, he realizes there is beauty in the world. He meets the bird Ganymede (seen in
the image above) shows him that fighting is not the only option. He joins the force,
Overwatch, the futuristic defenders of peace. Bastion is a misunderstood man, a weapon of
war who doesn't want to fight. He wants peace, but how can a weapon ever be peaceful?

Ike Images

These images, similar to the Bastion images, were hand drawn first. They were then
photographed with a smart phone camera and transferred to an account. The image was
then designed in Painter. Multiple tools were used, such as paintbrush and watercolour.
These tools allowed for a cloth feel on Ike's clothes, and a shadow on his skin. They
also show the highlights in his hair. I chose Ike for this drawing because he fights,
but has different intentions than everyone else. Ike fights for his friends, no matter
the cost. He defends his home, with his sword Ragnell, and the hope for a future of peace,
he never stops fighting. I enjoy this character because he has a tough exterior, but is
"soft" on the inside. I hope you enjoyed these two images.

A Spaceship's Flight

Animation created and designed in Painter